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I have had emails asking what is the difference between the 1611 KJB and the 1769 KJB. This may help.

 You have never heard of Francis Sawyer Parris who edited the King James Authorized Version that was published by Cambridge University Press in 1762.  Issued as a folio and quatro, this edition corrected some typographical errors and continued the modernization of the spelling that was taking place as the English Language matured.  


    Understand that Old English preceded Middle English and that the King James Bible is Modern English.  Some scholars have made the case that the maturation of the Modern English language was greatly aided by the publication of the King James Bible.


   Now comes Benjamin Blayney (1728-1801), noted Hebrew and Greek Scholar with four degrees from Oxford.


   It was Blayney who finished the work of modernizing the spelling, adhering to Modern English rules of punctuation, and historians testify that Blayney’s contribution was “to spelling, and in some respects, the grammar of the text.”  Blayney himself said that “many errors that were found in the former editions have been corrected, and the text reformed to such a standard of purity, as it is presumed, is not to be met with in any other edition hitherto extant.”


    Amen.  And it is Blayney’s text that is the standard for the King James Bible text for printing to this very day.


    At the same time you should be alerted to the fact that modern publishing houses have taken some liberties, all of which are detrimental and wrong-headed.  Likely, the best text of the Blayney 1769 available today would be that published by Cambridge and the worst would be that published by Nelson.


    Please understand; the changes made in the King James Bible in the Cambridge edition of 1629, the Cambridge folio of 1638 and the Blayney of 1769 were necessitated by 1) the discovery of typographical errors 2) changes in the way letters were shaped 3) changes in spelling 4) modern punctuation; and it was the 1769 Blayney edition that has been the standard for the last 246 years.  Most of the 1611 KJB people do not even know they are using a 1769 KJB!!! Time to study!!!


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