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If you believe these sayings and words you are clearly not a 1769 King James Bible believer!


All things happen for a reason????


God works in mysterious ways?????


God has a plan for my life?????


God makes no junk????

Follow Jesus?????

Make Jesus the Lord of your life????

Ask Jesus in your heart????

Come down front and pray the sinners prayer????

Read the book of John it's the New testament?????

Keep the commandments???

Follow Jesus in water baptism????

Tithe 10%??????

Pray the rosary?????

Pray for a healing?????

Pray for protection?????

Pray for a new job?????

If you don't speak in tongues you don't have the Holy Ghost?????

Confess your sins to Jack in the box????




Good Friday????

St. Paddy's day?????

Valentines day??????

Easter Sunday??????

We get all the promises in the Bible??????



I can go on but there is not enough room on this web site!!

If you believe and or are following any of the things on this list I would say you are not saved and are headed for hell!



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