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Statement of faith

 We hold that the Bible can only be properly understood by believing it literally, text within context, dispensationally interpreted. We recognize that we are operating in the Dispensation of Grace, that the converted will leave the planet to meet Christ in the air just prior to the time of the Tribulation, and that Christ will return to Earth to rule for a 1000 year Age of the Kingdom. We understand that we are not ourselves apostles and that the time for apostolic signs and wonders is both past and coming but not current.

    We are therefore Pauline in doctrine and practice and consider such understanding to constitute that which is like-minded.

We believe that the Holy Bible, as originally written, was verbally plenarily inspired and the product of God the Holy Spirit. Further, we hold that God has preserved that which was originally written in the King James Authorized Version and we hold the KJAV to be without error. This statement of faith can in no way abrogate or amplify our true authority, which is the King James Bible Itself. The KJB to which we refer contains 66 books that were supernaturally written and we do not refer to any other version or book. It is therefore necessary that no other book be preached or taught. The King James Bible which we hold in our hand is God's perfect word and is our final authority in all matters of faith and practice.

B. GOD: as we know Him is the one and the only living and true God, an infinite, intelligent Spirit, the Creator and ruler of all that is in heaven and earth. Our God has manifested Himself in three personages: The Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. All three manifested persons are each God and differ only in duties and station, not different or multiple gods, but one God in three manifestations. We reject Kenotic Theology, Open View Theology and any other system than diminishes the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

C. HOLY SPIRIT: is God in a particular manifestation with certain ministries. The Holy Spirit was active in creation; He convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment; He bears witness to that which is true, He is involved in our regeneration in that He immerses (baptizes) converts into Christ; He is the earnest of our inheritance and He seals us until the day of redemption.

D. JESUS CHRIST: was begotten of the Holy Ghost and born of the virgin Mary to manifest God in a manner that would allow Him to be tempted in all points yet without sin, so that Christ could take the place of sinners as the perfect savior. Christ, while positionally subjected to God the Father, was in fact the manifestation of God in the flesh, the fullness of the Godhead bodily. He came as Messiah to Israel, offering their prophesied kingdom. He was rejected, crucified for the sins of mankind, rose again the third day, and with his victory over sin and death, Christ became the agency of our conversion from death unto life by faith in His shed blood according to Paul’s ‘my gospel’ and the revelation of the mystery.


E. SATAN, THE DEVIL: was a created cherub named Lucifer, who, because of pride, rebelled against God and became the author of sin. Satan is a being, not a concept, and he has now transformed himself into an angel of light in order that the saving Gospel of Christ might be hidden from unsaved people. In the time of the Tribulation, the devil will indwell the Antichrist, in the Kingdom the devil will be bound, and after a little season during which the devil again gains followers, he will ultimately be cast into the lake of fire forever.

F. CREATION: as described in Genesis, is to be taken literally and not as allegory or myth. We do not accept the concept of evolution or the notion that man can improve himself, apart from God

G. SIN: began as rebellion against God and continues in the very nature of every person who has ever lived with the lone exception of the Lord Jesus Christ. Adam fell from his innocent state and by him sin entered unto all mankind. Since all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, all deserve the judgment of a literal burning hell as just condemnation from our sinless God.

H. SALVATION: is necessary because of man's sinful condition and salvation was provided by the blood sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. He was made to be sin for us to satisfy the vengeance and wrath of God. God's wrath was thus satisfied so that man is counted righteous by trusting in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are no works of grace or merit: there is only the blood of Christ, given by God’s grace and appropriated by the believer’s faith. As dispensational Bible believers, we reject both manmade theological systems of Calvinism and Armenianism.

I. CHURCH: contrary to commonly taught doctrines of men, the church is not a building, a denomination or group. The individual believer is the temple of the Spirit of God so that, strictly speaking, all saved people constitute a fellowship of individual churches. The assembly has a pastor/teacher, deacons as needed and appropriate; and these offices are defined by scripture. The assembly is self-governing and operates in common consent as led by the pastor.

J. WATER BAPTISM: was used by God through the ministry of John the Baptist and the Messianic apostles to declare Christ to Israel. This baptism of repentance for remission of sin has been replaced by the one spiritual baptism which is performed by the Holy Spirit and accomplishes our identification in Christ. Water baptism is not mentioned in Romans Six as generally believed in error, and is not necessary for salvation or church membership or anything else.

K. COMMUNION, THE LORD'S SUPPER: is in commemoration of the death of the Lord Jesus Christ for the sins of the believer and is an appropriate means of celebration, thanksgiving and self-evaluation.

L. CIVIL GOVERNMENT: has no spiritual authority over the believer, but civil government is of divine appointment and is to be obeyed in secular matters. We do not condone or encourage the avoidance of payment of taxes or the breaking of civil law in any secular context.

M. SPIRITUAL GIFTS, SIGNS AND WONDERS: were used by God to declare His message to unbelieving Israel in the times of the apostles. There is neither Israel nor apostles in this present day so the ministry of such gifts has also passed.


N. DISPENSATIONALISM: is the key to understanding the Bible and realizing what God is doing today. We believe that a time of innocence ended with Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden of Eden. We believe that man was expected to operate with God according to man's conscience and God closed that ministration with the flood. Subsequent to the flood and failure of man's attempt to govern himself, God gave man Israel as an example nation and subsequently, the law under which to operate. The law continued and Christ ministered under the law and was crucified. Daniel's 70th week, the Tribulation, began at the cross and would have run it's course, but God intervened by saving Paul and revealing through Paul the previously unknown dispensation of grace, in which we now operate. The gospel of grace and the church the body of Christ, in which there is neither Jew nor Gentile began in the mid-Acts period. When this current age closes with the removal of the believers from earth, the tribulation will be reinstated and conclude with the literal physical second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ will establish his Kingdom on earth and the administration described in the gospels will be in operation. After the 1000 year kingdom this earth will pass with a fervent heat and believers from the grace dispensation will ever be with the Lord.

O. MEMBERSHIP: in the body of Christ as a result of salvation is what we are concerned about. We do not believe assemblies should keep membership roles, realizing that people will come and go as they please whether claimed as members or not. We do not confer voting rights by membership and do not have the authority to 'disfellowship' anyone. We would expect that like-minded believers would want to fellowship with PREACHINGTHEGOSPELTHATSAVES.COM and those with different convictions would be more comfortable elsewhere. We neither accept nor confer ‘membership letters’ with respect to believers.


P. Giving: is encouraged according to Pauline principles(according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give;2 Cor 9.7)rather than Old Testament necessities. If this ministry has helped in any way letters of encouragement are greatly appreciated. Please email me from the contact page. Any monetary gifts please go to my giving page. We are now a non for profit.

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