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 truth that matters, i know it hurts! 

As a Mid Acts Dispensational Right Divider of my King James Bible you tend to ask yourself why doesn't anyone believe their Bible?


Angels are men with out wings!


Females with stork like wings is evil!


The animals on Noah's ark got on seven by seven!


We were created in Adam's image NOT God's!


David killed Goliath not Elhanan!


Easter belongs in the Bible!


1 John 5.7 belongs in the Bible!


Jesus Christ was in the furnace Not some strange gods!


In the bosom of the Father was His begotten Son Not a begotten god!


Elijah went up in a whirlwind NOT a chariot!


Christ is the counselor NOT your small group leader and or Pastor!


Christ had NO Reputation! Christ never emptied himself!


You have to grow in wisdom, knowledge and spiritual understanding to have the worthy walk NOT serve in a church!


The Israel of the Bible is not on the map today. Israel is fallen!


You don't have to confess your sin today! You have to stop sinning!


There is NO priest class today! Just the Lord Jesus Christ!


Trinity is not Biblical!


Soveriegn is not Biblical!


Singing mixed up doctrinal songs and waving your hands at the light bulbs is devil worship!


Things happen by chance!


No one is predestined! Only Israel and The Lord Jesus Christ!


Don't pray for protection. Buy an Army Tank!



Scriptural proof for the inclusion of 1 John 5_7_edited
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