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Books not found in your so called Christian book stores!

Pg. 15: A significant portion of John 3.13 reading, "Which is in heaven," is omitted from the other texts. By this clause our Lord gave express testimony to His Deity. In Romans 14.10 "God" appears in place of "Christ" making the last clause of the verse to read, " for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of God." The New Testament clearly teaches in John 5.22 and several other references that all judgment is committed to Christ. This doctrine is obscured by the change from "Christ" to "God" in the verse.

Note: Although Mr. Fowler stood for the KJB he did not believe what Hebrews says in chapter 9 verses 15-18 that the New Testament for Israel starts when Jesus died on the cross.(the death of the testator) So John in chapter 5 would be Old testament not New!

Note: A good way to know if you are not using a Bible is in Romans 1.16. The new translations have the word "God" and not "Christ!" Your new translations say "the gospel of God." Not the gospel of Christ!

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